Please note by placing a tender you agree that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions and that you will abide by these. Furthermore, if there are any issues with tenders in relation to these T & Cs this may result in further tenders from you being excluded and removed.


Vehicle Information:

  • All vehicles are sold as is where is.
  • All vehicles are sold DEREGISTERED unless otherwise indicated.  This will be done by Loss Link but please note if the vehicle is uplifted prior to this taking place you must contact us and you should not attempt to de-register the vehicle and/or change the plates.  If you change the plates or deregister the vehicle it will affect any further tenders you place with us.
  • All information provided on any vehicles on our web page is based on the facts known to us or provided to Loss Link Technical Services Ltd.
  • Loss Link Technical Services Ltd will not be held responsible for any misinformation given at the time any vehicle is placed up for sale by tender.  All care is taken to provide accurate details on any vehicles that are up for tender.
  • REGISTERED Vehicles -

    please note that we hold on to the plates and registration sticker until such time as repairs have been completed on the vehicle and we have been provided us with a certified report (certificate) to show the vehicle has been made roadworthy by either a certified independent vehicle mechanic or by a certifier from VTNZ / LTSA.  An engineer must view the vehicle and advise what / how repairs must be undertaken before you start to make the vehicle road worthy and to meet the certification requirementsIT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ THIS POINT CAREFULLY AS WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY FAILURE ON YOUR PART TO FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS.

Please take care when submitting your tender that you are satisfied that the information provided by Loss Link Technical Services Ltd is true and correct.


Tender Process:

We will contact you ONLY if you have been successful with a tender and due to strict guidelines we are unable to advise what the vehicle was sold for so please don’t ask. 


Payment Process:

  • All tenders must be paid for within 2 days of the date of invoice otherwise the vehicle will be sold to someone else.  Please send us payment confirmation as this will speed up the process for the vehicle to be uplifted.
  • Please note cash is not accepted due to audit purposes – payment must be made by direct credit (also no cash deposits please otherwise we are liable for additional fees) into our account and must be showing in our account before uplift of the vehicle.
  • Storage at West Auckland Vehicle Storage is paid for a further 2 days from the receipt of payment of the tax invoice and any storage costs from this date will be at your expense.  If storage costs are incurred, the vehicle will not be released to you until such time as additional storage costs are paid.


Collection of Vehicles:


Auckland vehicles - IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE:  Please phone us on 09 837 1140 BEFORE you send someone to collect this vehicle otherwise it may not be available for collection when you arrive and the tow truck may be turned away.  Please quote the vehicle registration above when you phone.


Outside Auckland:  If the vehicle is located at a tow yard, storage facility or Panelbeater we will send a Vehicle Release to them once payment has been received to enable you to uplift the vehicle.  In this instance they will return the plates and registration sticker to us for de-registration of the vehicle but if for some reason the plates have been left on the vehicle you will need to return them to us.